Hello Experience Arts School EXPRESSIONS Campers!

Exciting News! We have some fun things coming up at Hillsong Phoenix. Hillsong Youth (6th -12th grades) will be heading to LA for Encounter June 24th-June 26th!! Another exciting thing  for our younger kids is Hillsong Kids Camp (age 3 through 5th grade) July 12th-14th on the Mesa Campus of Hillsong Phoenix!! Check out for more information and how to register for both events!

Here are some details you need to know as first day of camp approaches:

1. You, as parents, will need to come upstairs on the EAS floor and check in your student first thing in the morning (camp starts at 9am! Try and be up on the floor and checked in by 8:55 so we can start on time). You will also need to check out your student at 4:00pm each day on the EAS floor. Camp runs Monday-Thursdays, Fridays are off each week.

2. Our end of camp performance times are set - Thursday, June 23rd at 6:00pm and 7:15pm. The same show at both times. Please spread the word now to friends and family...they won’t want to miss it!

3. The schedule for performance day is: Start at 9:00am and we will rehearse until 12:30pm. After rehearsal we will have lunch and down time for relaxing (there will be a movie! Bring a pillow and a blanket!) OR you may pick up your child at 12:30pm. Everyone needs to be back by 3:45pm (hair and makeup done) for last minute run throughs, getting into costumes, and final touch ups. *If you do not pick up your child, they’ll need to bring all their performance needs with them that day (details will be specified later)  

4. The first day of camp is our ‘exposure’ day where we offer the students an opportunity to try art forms they may have never tried before, including dancing, singing, aerials, costuming, and acting. We also conduct auditions that day where we endeavor to find the perfect role for each child.  After the first day, your student’s daily schedule will be determined primarily by what role they are cast in for the show. *Tech/Media are also roles!

5. You will need to pack a lunch every day for your child. Make sure it’s hardy enough for a long day of fun! Also, they will need lots of water and snacks for in-between classes. (We do have limited concessions for sale so you can also send them in with a few dollars)

6. Lastly, please review with your student what to bring daily HERE.

Thank you for partnering with EAS, as we endeavor to raise up a generation of Kingdom Artists committed to using their gifts to further the Kingdom of God! Blessings and feel free to contact us with any questions as the countdown begins for CAMP TIME! or