Student Classifications

Overture Division (Ages 7-19)

The Overture Division of Experience Arts School offers introductory to intermediate levels of instruction for young artists who are investigating both their artistic gifts, and their relationship with Christ.  The goal of this program is to strategically and incrementally take each student through a progressive program that will not only prepare for them technically for our Ministering Arts Program, or some other collegiate program, but also provide them with opportunity to come to know Christ, and His teachings, in a personal way.

Prelude Certificate

Ages 6-8

Intermediate Certificate

Ages 9-11

Junior Certificate

Ages 12-14

Senior Certificate

Ages 15-18

(Although ages have been assigned above, the program is actually driven by mastery of skill.)

Ministering Arts Program

Mentorship I & II

Ages 16 & older

This division of Experience Arts School offers a thorough and comprehensive program of instruction for talented young people who show the potential to pursue a professional career in the arts.  Students accepted to this division have demonstrated their abilities at an early age, along with outstanding capabilities to work with focus and purpose.  At the School, these young artists enjoy an atmosphere where their artistic gifts, technical skills, and their relationship with Christ and other artists can grow and flourish.

The Ministering Arts Program accepts students on the basis of a performance audition and interview with the faculty of the student’s chosen track.  Acceptance is based on artistic and technical merit, commitment to serve Christ with their gifts, as well as the number of available openings in each department.

Masters Internship Program

Ages 18 and older

The Experience Division of Experience Arts School offers students who have graduated from the Mentorship Program 1 & II to apply to the Master’s Internship Program where they will be activated in their gifts and gain the experience necessary for them to launch out in ministry or the professional community.  They will be heavily involved in several of the following:  

Local Productions

Touring Productions (National and/or International)





Local Church

Student Teaching

Recreational Division (ages 3-adult)

Experience Arts School opens its classroom doors to the general public through our “Recreational Division.”

The Recreational Division provides a place for students who are investigating the arts, who want to improve their performance skills to those who simply desire to enhance their enjoyment of the arts.   

Classes are from beginning to advanced levels and are taught by Experience Arts School instructors, EAS apprentice teachers, as well as guest artists in the varied fields. Each semester, the curriculum includes numerous courses that cover the variety of arts and biblical studies offered at Experience Arts School.

EAS classes are offered throughout the day and are generally finished by 9pm.  All classes, both credit and non-credit, are taught at the high standards set by Experience Arts School.