Dear EAS Families…

Welcome back to the 2017-2018 year at EAS.  it’s going to be A M A Z I N G!

Have you noticed?  We have new and more class offerings, new and more teachers, company auditions just around the corner, and auditions for our full-length musical production, ESTHER, debuting this upcoming Spring.  (Check out our website, www.experienceartsschool.com for all the details)  And if that wasn't enough, we have also begun gathering master artists that will serve on Advisory Boards for each of our varying departments.  The function of these boards will be to assist with the development, and quality control, of each departments' fusion of  technique with biblical truths.  I couldn’t more excited about this.  This summer we began the process, and over the next few months you should begin noticing some incredibly wonderful improvements to our already awesome program!  We know that as we master this mission to fuse quality technique with biblical truth, the result will be professional level, God-empowered art that the Holy Spirit can use to positively impact our communities.  And that’s what it’s all about!  To be a light….in our classrooms,  in our neighborhoods, and across the globe. 

As we continue this incredible journey, we have discovered that our budget simply does not allow us to make the many improvements necessary to move the vision of EAS forward.  With this realization, and after almost 10 years of the same base tuition rates, we have determined that it is imperative that we update our pricing.   You will find all of those updates on our website under the Registration & Pricing tab.  We know that even though our rates remain far beneath that of other local comparable studios, change can sometimes be unsettling.   Our prayer is that the value EAS has, and will continue to bring to our students and their families, warrants our decision.   We hope that our families will fully get behind us, knowing every dollar invested into EAS allows us to continue offering quality, safe, and spiritually rich experiences for our students, their families and friends.  We also trust that our EAS family knows that every sacrificial gift made goes far beyond their own family, and empowers us to reach beyond our four walls in the our surrounding communities.  

We believe that the time has come for God’s artists to rise up and set a new standard….technically, spiritually, and relationally….and we couldn’t be happier to have you championing that vision with us.  Your partnership through registering, auditioning, donating, and even telling others about us, ALL keep us moving forward.  With this in mind, I would like to ask our current EAS families to consider telling just three other families/friends about us!  Simply direct them to our website at www.experienceartsschool.com or our Facebook page, Experience Arts School, or even invite them to our Open House happening THIS SATURDAY, 8/12, 10am-12pm on the EAS Floor.  You might even ask them to join you, or your child, in a class!  Its that  simple!  We are confident we can fill all of our classes, and further our vision, if we just make people aware of who we are, where we are, and what we offer!   

With that, let me say thank you again….for believing in and and standing with us.  The future is bright!  Together we’re going to make a difference!  

See you in class next week!

Joani Castillo

EAS Founder/Artistic Director