***Update - Due to our late start, we will not be having a Fall Break this semester***

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 Ages 3-5


Tumbling for Tots

Music for Tots

Creative Storytelling

Art for Tots


Ages 5-7

Intro to Ballet

Intro to Tap

Intro to Jazz

Intro to Hip Hop

Intro to Acro

Intro to Music  

Intro to Acting

Intro to Art


Ages 7-12

Ballet I

Ballet II

Ballet II/III (10+)

Tap I

Tap II

Jazz I

Jazz II

Hip Hop I

Hip Hop II

Hip Hop II/III (10+)

Acro I/II

Contemporary I

Contemporary II

Kids Vocals

Kids Musical Theatre

Acting I

Art I/II (10+)

Group Guitar

Group Drums 


Ages 13-Adult

Ballet III

Ballet III/IV

Ballet IV

Pointe I/Conditioning

Pointe II/Conditioning

Adult Ballet

Leaps and Turns


Adult Tap


Adult Jazz/Contemporary

Hip Hop II/III

Hip Hop III

Hip Hop IV


Contemporary III/IV

Teen Musical Theatre

Adult Musical Theatre

Acting II/III

Acting III

Teen Vocals

Vocal Solos

Adult Choir




Scene Design

Scene Design II

Master Mondays (Dance, Music)

Film Crew Basics

Group Guitar

Group Drums


Aerials 10+

Aerial Basics

Aerials I

Aerials 1.5

Aerials II


Open Gym

Aerial Privates


(Theatre/Music/Art and Aerials below dance)

Monday - Dance

4:00-5:00   Intro to Hip Hop                     Tumbling for Tots     Ballet I/II

5:00-6:00   Hip Hop II                               Synergy Performance

6:00-7:00   Hip Hop I                                Synergy Performance

7:00-8:00   Adult Ballet                             Master Mondays

8:00-9:00   Adult Jazz/Contemp              Master Mondays


Tuesday - Dance

4:00-5:00   Jazz III/IV                             Combo                        Hip Hop II/III

5:00-6:00   Ballet I                                 Contemporary III/IV    Hip Hop Improv

6:00-7:00   Ballet II                                Contemporary I          Esther/Co Devotions  

7:00-8:00   Ballet III/IV                           Contemporary II         Esther Rehearsal

8:00-9:00   Pointe II/Conditioning        Leaps and Turns         Esther Rehearsal


Wednesday - Dance

4:00-5:00   Intro to Ballet                     Combo                       Kids Musical Theatre  

5:00-6:00   Infusion Devo/Perf            Intro to Tap                Teen Musical Theatre

6:00-7:00   Infusion Devo/Perf            Tap I                            Intro to Acro

7:00-8:00   Ballet II/III                           Tap II                           Acro III

8:00-9:00   Pointe I/Conditioning       Adult MT                     Acro I/II


Thursday - Dance

4:00-5:00   Ballet I/II                            Jazz I                          Hip Hop III

5:00-6:00   Ballet III                             Intro to Jazz               Hip Hop IV

6:00-7:00   Ballet IV                            Tap III/IV                      Jazz II

7:00-8:00   Pointe II/Conditioning      Adult Tap                    Esther Rehearsal

8:00-9:00                                                                                 Esther Rehearsal



Monday       Music                                Theatre                           Art

4:00-5:00   Kids Vocals                     Acting II/III

5:00-6:00   Forte Performance        N2Acts Performance

6:00-7:00   Forte Performance        N2Acts Performance

7:00-8:00   Master Mondays            Master Mondays         

8:00-9:00   Master Mondays            Master Mondays        



Tuesday       Music                              Theatre                          Art                          Music

4:00-5:00    Teen Vocals                  Acting I                       Art for Tots               Drums 30min

5:00-6:00    Acapella                        Acting III                     Intro to Art               Drums 30min

6:00-7:00    Esther/Co Devo            Esther/Co Devo         Esther/Co Dev     

7:00-8:00    Esther Rehearsal          Esther Rehearsal       Esther Scene Des    

8:00-9:00    Esther Rehearsal          Esther Rehearsal       Esther Scene Des    Songwriting


Wednesday  Music                              Theatre                           Art

4:00-5:00     Kids Musical Th            Kids Musical Theater

5:00-6:00     Mezz Devo/Perf           Act Up Devo/Perf

6:00-7:00     Mezzo Devo/Perf         Act Up Devo/Perf

7:00-8:00     Adult Choir                   

8:00-9:00     Adult Musical Th          Adult Musical Theater


Thursday      Music                              Theatre                            Art                           Music

4:00-5:00     Music for Tots                 Intro to Acting

5:00-6:00     Intro to Music                 Creative Storytelling       Art I/II

6:00-7:00     Vocal Solos                     Esther Rehearsals          Art III                         Group Guitar

7:00-8:00     Esther Rehearsals          Esther Rehearsals          Scene Design II

8:00-9:00     Esther Rehearsals          Esther Rehearsals         Scene Design II



Monday - Aerials

4:00-5:00     Aerial 2

5:00-6:00     Aerial 1.5

6:00-7:00     Aerials Basics

7:00-8:00     Teen/Adult


Tuesday - Aerials

4:00-5:00     Aerial Basics

5:00-6:00     Aerial 2

6:00-7:00     Aerials 1

7:00-8:00     Open Gym


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