Open House - TBD

Company Auditions - Monday, August 6th during Master Monday classes

Welcome to EAS!   We’re so glad to have you become a part of the EAS family.  

Below are some steps to help you get connected!

First, decide what art form(s) you’re interested in pursuing.  Click our 2018/2019, schedule based on room and day, to create your schedule.  We also have a document that breaks down the classes offered by age group and skill level.  See the side bar for both of these these break downs. 

Second, look at our schedule and see what day(s) fit your family’s schedule.

We also recommend you look at our 'Class Package Specials' and 'Company Info & Auditions" links on the side bar before finalizing your schedule.   

Third, if you have ANY questions, please contact us at and we will be happy to contact you and coach you along the way.

Fourth, register your student.

Fifth, contact friends and encourage them to take classes alongside you.  It’s always more fun to do these things with family and friends! Both new and old!

Note:  Depending on your goals, it is our recommendation that you register for minimally two classes per week.  Truly learning any of the art forms requires repetition. The more classes you take, the faster your student will grow and the more fun they will have!

CLICK BELOW TO REGISTER (or copy and paste to a friend!)

Tuition is based on annual enrollment (10 months).  Classes generally meet 4 times per month, except when there are  holidays or designated school breaks. Should your child miss a class for personal reasons, they may request a make-up class that month, if class is offered on another day. 



Annual Tuition (10 months)

Our rates are based on annual registration. Monthly payments are due by the 5th of each month.  We offer several discounts.

When registering for 3 or more classes, there is a discount that has already been factored into the prices below.

If you pay in one installment, you receive a 15% discount off your tuition; if you pay in two installments you receive 10% discount off your tuition. We are currently running a Grand Opening Special.  See extra discounts on chart below.

Tier 1: Dance, Theatre, Music, Sewing, Make-up, Art

          Year             Monthly        2 Payments        1 Payment       Grand Opening Special 2pymts        Grand Opening Special 1pymt

                                                     10% Off               15% Off             20% Off - Pay by June 30                   25% Off - Pay by June 30
1hr     $560           $56/mo         $252 x 2               $476                        $224 x 2                                          $420
2hr    $1120           $112/mo         $504 x 2               $952                       $448 x 2                                          $840
3hr    $1440          $144/mo        $648 x 2               $1224                       $576 x 2                                          $1080
4hr    $1920          $192/mo        $862 x 2              $1632                        $768 x 2                                         $1440
5hr    $2400         $240/mo       $1080 x 2            $2040                       $960 x 2                                         $1800

$2800         $280/mo       $1260 x 2             $2380                       $1120 x 2                                       $2100

Tier 2: Aerials, Video, Sound, Graphics, Lighting, Semi-Private (Songwriting/Group Instrument Classes)

          Year             Monthly        2 Payments       1 Payment    Grand Opening Special 2pymts           Grand Opening Special in 1pymt
                                                     10% Off               15% Off        20% Off - Pay by June 30                      25% Off - Pay by June 30
$680           $68/mo         $306 x 2               $578                  $272 x 2                                                  $510
2hr    $1360          $136/mo        $612 x 2                $1156                 $544 x 2                                                  $1020
3hr    $2040         $204/mo       $918 x 2                $1734                 $816 x 2                                                  $1530
4hr    $2720         $272/mo       $1224 x 2              $2312                 $1088 x 2                                                $2040
5hr    $3400         $340/mo       $1530 x 2              $2890               $1360 x 2                                                $2550

                  $4000         $400/mo       $1800 x 2             $3400               $1600 x 2                                                 $3000

Additional Fees

Annual Registration Fee:    $35 (includes EAS T-shirt)
Production Fee:                    $50 (includes Show T-shirt +2 show tickets)
Costume Fees:                      Range from $50-$95 per class
Lab Fees:                               Art, Video, Sound, Graphics, Lighting, Sewing, and Make-up $150/anually