Hey EAS fam,

Hope your Fall is off to a great start! Here’s this week’s updates - 

Next Monday - Labor Day- We have NO CLASS. Enjoy your evening off. 

December Demonstration Celebrations

Our year-end show is in June, BUT IN DECEMBER (during the last class of the semester) we will be having an in-class demonstration and celebration.  Parents and friends will be invited into their student's classroom to view their child's progress.  Expect to see a 'mock' class, a short performance, and then enjoy celebrating their progress with a mini-Christmas Party.  (Everyone will get to bring a 'treat' to share).  If you're registered in multiple Classes, you'll may get to experience many demonstrations AND celebrations! :). So mark your calendars for the first week of December when all the FUN will be unleashed. 

Classroom Attire

Please make sure your students are dressed appropriately for class every week!  There is a grace period for the first month, then students will not be allowed to participate in class if not in proper attire.  

Dance:  In the past, EAS has ordered dance wear and had it available for our students. With our being in two locations, we are unable to provide this service this semester.  When we move into our location, we will again have dancewear available for purchase in our 'store.' 

Combo and Intro Classes: Students may wear any color leotard.  If purchasing tights, please purchase light pink.   ]Pink Ballet shoes (Payless has less expensive shoes than most dance stores); Black Tap shoes.

Levels I-IV

Black shorty unitard or biketard

(Below are suggestions on where you might find your shorty unitard/biketard)



Ballet Shoes - Pink

Tap Shoes - black

Hip Hop

Tennis Shoes (Black Preferably)

Shorts (mid-thigh or longer) or Warm Up/Jazz Pants



Theatre & Music

Something students can move around in.

No shorty shorts, skirts w/o something underneath, or low-cut tops

Please wear Tennis Shoes

Snack Bar - Starting tomorrow, our snack bar will be back in place. We will have a variety of items available for sale at both locations. Prices range from $.25-$2. 

Schedule - Our Fall Schedule has been updated slightly, we moved around a few things. Take another look if you're registering soon. CLICK HERE TO VIEW

As always, if you have questions about anything - message us at facebook.com/EASonline, info@eas.online or thru your parent portal!