March 3rd, 2017

Hey EAS fam,

Lots of info in this Newsflash, so let's dive in:


Starting on Monday (March 6th) we will once again be having Sneak Peek Week. This is where parents and family are encouraged to come pop in to the last 15 minutes of your child's class and see what they've been learning and working on. No visitor badge or special check-in is required. If you have multiple children in multiple classes at the same time, see one of our receptionists and they'll help you get to all the classes.

The following week (March 13-16) is Spring Break! Have fun, relax, and enjoy your time off! Classes will resume Monday, March 20th.


If you have kids you already know this cold & flu session has been brutal. So in an effort to keep your kids and our staff as healthy as can be, we would like to ask that if your child has had a fever in the previous 24 hours, that you please keep them home from classes and allow them to get well. No one likes to miss, but it will help them get well faster, and keep germs from spreading to the rest of their friends. We have also purchased additional non-alcohol based hand sanitizers and disinfectant sprays for our rooms. As always, if you have questions please message us at or by email at -


The Colour Conference is much more than an annual event that gathers thousands of women of all age, status and background. It is a story that now spans two decades and is several generations deep in its desire to champion the value, worth and contribution of women. It is hosted in several major cities around the world, with the heroes in the story being the individual girls who have risen in belief, potential and stature to bring influence, change and justice to their diverse and everyday worlds.

At the core of the conference is the story of divine grace and the wonder of a gracious God who desires only the best for His daughters. It is also a “leadership and humanitarian” conference, seeking (again) to inspire women to be the change they desire in the world. The Colour Sisterhood (and foundation) is continually encouraging pathways to raise awareness and bring solution to the many pressing issues of this current global climate.

Colour is a premium faith-inspired event hosted by Bobbie Houston and Hillsong Church. The intent is to always honor the King of Heaven, and refresh those attending. Creativity, worship and the presentation of God’s timeless and proven Word (the bible) are foundational, along with an unpretentious and fabulous environment that welcomes everyone.

Join thousands of women of all ages, nations and backgrounds gathered and united under one roof. Immerse yourself in personal “time out.” Time for connection, creativity, wonder and worship. An environment to inspire the soul and empower the spirit.