August 12th, 2016

Hey EAS family!

Another Fall is starting and I have to say I am really looking forward to all that is planned. It's exciting seeing all the new AND old faces, and it's great seeing our family grow . So before we get too far into the semester I wanted to be sure and give everyone some basic info.


Open Enrollment

Everything's better when you bring a friend, and with 3 weeks left in open enrollment, there's still plenty of time to invite one. Remember, if you refer someone new to EAS we'll waive their registration fee. Just make sure they mention you on their registration form.

Dress Code & What to Wear

This is sometimes a confusing question, so Ms. Anna, one of our dance directors, created a whole page devoted to what to wear for each class. Including picture examples and even some links to purchase. As always, if you have questions or your child told you something different and you're thoroughly confused, message us at or shoot us an email - and we'll get you hooked up.

Dinner Fundraiser - Tuesday August 23 3:30-8:30pm @ Fresh Millions

A new restaurant near us (60&Alma School) has reached out and offered us a pretty sweet deal to come in and eat and receive %50 of all our sales back to EAS. Just grab a flyer from one of our receptionists and bring it along Tuesday, August 23rd. You can also save and print it directly from here. Grab some food as you head to class or if you're just out and about. Fresh Millions is new but is already getting 4 1/2 stars on Yelp for it's fresh, healthy and affordable food. Be sure to check out their site below. You can use the flyer for dine-in AND carryout.


Stay Connected

NEWSFLASH! What you're reading right now is our primary method when we need to get lots of info out. We will generally send a SMS/text blast telling you that a Newsflash is up, and it will include a direct link. We will include school news, upcoming events, recaps and messages from directors/teachers about the progress of the semester. For late breaking news and pics/vids from week to week, we primarily use & Be sure to LIKE & FOLLOW our pages so you can get an inside look at the daily life of our #EASfamily. And most importantly don't forget the hashtag #EASyesyesyes!

Contacting us. If you ever need to get ahold of us, by far the fastest method is using and sending us a direct message. Our entire staff has access to this messaging and that's why we're able to respond much quicker. You can also email us at 

We do have a Floor Phone that students can use to call out from, and if you need to reach a member of our staff right away to report an absence or emergency. You can also send an SMS to this phone if it just to report an absence. This phone is not for general questions or billing 602-730-5045.

Finally, take a quick peek at our Fall/Spring activities calendar so you can start to plan now for events that are already on the calendar. We are trying our best to schedule really far in the future so that you can have a heads up and be able to plan accordingly. As I said before, I'm super expectant for everything God has in store for your kids and our extended EAS family this semester. Thanks for trusting us with your people and for partnering with us to help build something great.

Jesse Brown