Summer Camp Newsflash

Hey Parents!

Can you believe performance camp is close to wrapping up? Neither can we. We’ve been having a great time and your kids are doing awesome. Our devotion time each morning has been really strong. Our EAS directors have been teaching on Identity in Christ. For us as artists and creatives, it’s important that we continue to hear that our value and worth is not tied to our gifting and our talent, but is found solely in Christ, as His sons and daughters. Another topic we are always talking about is how our camp requires lots of focus and self control, especially for younger campers. It’s not like a Boys & Girls club camp or City Day Camp, because we are learning music, dance, acting and even production elements, all in a extremely short time frame, it takes a lot of concentration and heart. Let me just say again, they’ve been smashing it. A lot of work, but a ton of fun too. We think you’re going to be really proud when you see the show they’ve created, all in just 7 short days.

So, some things to note for the next couple of days. We will mostly be running the full show in prep for performance night on Thursday. Make sure you pack healthy lunches, plenty of water, and that you try and get to bed early on Wednesday night. Thursday will be a full day. We will start at our normal time (9:00am) but we will have early release so that you can have an early dinner, go home, or just regroup before the performance that evening. If you are unable to pick up your student, or will be late arriving, we will have staff on site till call time and will have a movie playing (Zootopia - PG). What to wear, hair & make-up are at the bottom of this email.

Here’s the schedule for Thursday, June 23rd:

9:00am - Camp Starts

12:00pm - Lunch

2:30pm - Early Release

5:00pm - Call Time for All Performers

5:20pm-6:30 - Run Thru

6:45pm Doors Open

7:00pm - Show Start

If you have any questions, please message us at or


Jesse Brown


What to Wear and Hair & Make-Up

Hair and make up for girls:

Hair: slicked back pony tail (hair sprayed and no fly away hairs) 

Make up: 

-natural colored eye shadow (Browns, holds, creams etc. no bright colors) 

-pink blush

-black mascara

-red lip stick

Hair and make up for boys: 

-Hair: slicked back and out of face 

No make up for boys.

Undergarments for girls: 

-black EAS unitard


-black or white spaghetti strap with black biker shorts 

Undergarments for boys:

-plain white or black tank top with black basketball shorts