March 4th, 2016

Sneak Peek Week | March 7th-10th

#SPW Starts Today! Sneak Peek Week is where parents can come observe the last 10 minutes of class. Come see what pieces and technique your child is working on, and ask any questions of the teacher. If you have multiple children taking class in the same time slot but in different rooms, please message us on or email and we will let the teacher know you may come in earlier.

Spring Break | March 14-18th

March 14-18th. As always, EAS Spring Break matches up with the Mesa Public Schools, so have a great week off with friends and family. EAS offices will be closed, but you can still message us on or email if you have questions.

Spring Show Order

This semester we are splitting the show up on 3 days to cut down on time. In the past the show has gone past 2 hours (sometimes longer), so we are shooting for 90 minutes, including platform elements and intermission. Take a look at the 3 days HERE and find your, or your student's piece. If you notice a quick-change or some other challenge, please email us or message us on facebook. Thanks!

Competition Update

Check out this post from Ms. Rebecca, our Acting Director, on our facebook page:

Give these guys a high-five and congrats if you see them! Nice work N2Acts!