November 3, 2016

Hey EAS family, Jesse here with some info about our upcoming Christmas Joy shows. First can I say thank you to everyone who participated and helped in our first ever Fall Festival this past Sunday. It was a great success, and the Blackbox performance following was stellar as well. We could not make these special events happen without your help, so thank you again to all who helped clean, setup, bake, host, tear-down, carpool, and so much more. We appreciate you!

Well, there may be 8 Sundays till Christmas, but there's only 4 till we head into Show Week and we are starting to ramp up on all things Christmas. So here's 4 quick bullet points, starting with -

1. Schedules and Details - Dress rehearsal and performance times, what day your child is on, and full details on hair, makeup, shoes and more can all be found HERE.

2. Christmas Baskets and Silent Auction - Looking for a unique gift for yourself or a friend this Christmas? You won't want to miss our Silent Auction happening all throughout show week, with online bids starting November 14th. You can take a look at these curated baskets HERE, and then see them in person in the lobby of show week. We hand craft these special gifts all through the generous donations of our EAS family. Please consider picking an item (or several) from the list and dropping it off to any receptionist between now and December 1st. 

3. Program Advertisements -  Advertisers play a vital role at EAS, their contributions provide support for student financial aid, faculty advancement, community outreach, public performances, ministry engagements, and new commissions. AD pricing, full details and online ordering can all be FOUND HERE.

4. Patrons - Along with VIP seating, early access to the silent auction, and individual refreshments, Patrons of EAS help to ensure excellence in ministry and the arts for years to come.  Patron contributions provide support for all activities of Experience Arts School, including student scholarships, outreach, competition, ministry, and expansion. Thank you for considering becoming a Patron of EAS!  Without you, we couldn't do what we do! Full details, including perks, patrons levels and pricing can be FOUND HERE

Finally, be sure to get the word out to friends and family about our Christmas Joy shows. Kicking off early December - 5th, 7th and 9th. It will be the perfect start to your holiday season. As always admission is free and we will have room everyone. DVD's, roses and concessions will be available in the lobby. 

Questions/Comments? - Please message on or info@eas.onlin