January 6th, 2016

Happy New Year!

This first Newsflash of 2016 is overflowing with good stuff. Check it all out below.

1. Registration is open! Click on the picture above and you can start your online registration now!

2. Christmas Joy performance photos are available from our awesome photographer, Jeanette Brown. You can pick out your favorites, and order from her website now! The password to access the galleries is - worship.  


3. DVD's from the Monday & Wednesday shows are also available for pickup, or purchase, if you have not already.

4. New Classes & Descriptions. There are a ton of new classes that we know you'll be interested in. Lots of info including dance schedule changes can be found HERE

5. Invoices. If you have already registered, we will begin sending invoices starting January 7th.

6. First day of classes. The first day of class can be really exciting, but also really confusing if you are new. So a few things to remember:

-Arrive early. That's the #1 most helpful thing you can do. Just in case we need to work out any schedule challenges or payments arrangements or even if you just have some additional questions. Having the extra time will give you and your student some breathing room to get everything taken care before they head off to class.

-Setup Payment. Payment will be due prior to start of class.  If you are not paying in full, you will need to set up a payment plan.  We offer two payment options, two or five payments. We accept credit/debit cards along with cash or check. If setting up a payment plan using checks please be sure to bring multiple checks so that you can post-date them for the remaining payments.  Method of payments will need to be kept on file in order to choose a payment plan.  :) 

-Questions. If you have any, be sure to message us on Facebook, email us here, or just ask when you arrive on campus. We'd love to help.

We're really looking forward to Spring 2016, and know it's going to be our best semester yet!