January 25, 2016

We're going to kick off this week's Newsflash with a personal message from one of our teachers. 

Hey Parents! Miss RanDee here, just giving a quick little update on the new acro classes this year! We are so excited to get our energy out (safely) flipping around! For only being the second week of classes I am already seeing tremendous improvement and strength being built. I know this can be very exciting but also a bit frightening for anyone new to being up-side-down. For any new tricks your child wants to try practicing at home, I wanted to give you guys the opportunity to know what can be a safe way to practice if you do not have an at-home mat! Grass is the ideal practice ground, it will make them stronger because it is a bit more absorbent than a mat, and it's not to bad to land on! If any of you would like to know how to spot your child, I would LOVE to show you! Just let me know (or have your child let me know) you will be arriving ten minutes before class ends and I will show you how to spot any and everything your child wants to try at home. If you have any more questions, feel free to email me, I'm so excited to see our students at EAS flip and leap their way to new grounds this semester! 

We are so excited to have Ms. RanDee on our team this semester and know she is going to impact kids in a huge way! Speaking of new instructors, click here to meet everyone on our team this semester and all our student instructors.

In other exciting news, N2Acts, our senior acting company, will compete this Saturday at the Arizona Thespians Regional Festival.  Send them some love on FB & Twitter!

Know someone who belongs at EAS? Everything's better together and registration is still open for 2 more weeks...SO...Send them to http://eas.online to sign up now!

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