New Classes & Schedule updates for acting, music and dance.

ACTING schedule now posted!
Acting schedule now posted! Click Here
N2Acts new Requirements: Click Here
Music Videos  (11 +) (1.5 hours) JB + RL
Songwriting, media, and acting directors join together to offer a class that takes popular songs of our time, transforms the lyrics in an inspirational and fun way, and creates a music video with dance, singing, and acting. Do you have the desire to hone one or all of your performance skills? Are you creative and gifted in writing? Want a video record of it to save for all time? Take this class!
Did someone say… TAP? For teen/adults???
Musical Theater with TAP! (1.5 hours 12+) RL + RP
EAS instructors combine to give you the class on what it takes to have the basics of all art forms in performance. This class will focus on the sharpening of technique in tap dance, will get your vocals familiar and warmed up to musical theater songs, and will introduce to you how to pack down the memorization to manifest the character as being what brings the dance and music to life. *students are required to purchase tap shoes
Adult Acting is back with a 2-for-1!
Adult  Sketch (18+) RL
Students will explore various sketches to perform for Grace Kidz/Collide/Outreach pending what the Lord sends us. Students also are asked to join N2Acts in their Acting Conservatory training hour on Tuesdays from 5-6pm for no additional cost!
FASHIONISTAS! COSPLAYERS! ARTISTS! We have a designer-to-die-for class for you!
Intro to Costume Design and Construction (9+) LH
This course will introduce students to the concepts of theatre, film, and dance costuming and will learn the basics in costume construction. Students will learn different sewing techniques and will complete several projects including wearable garments. Additionally, by looking at the work of fashion designers like Coco Chanel, Giorgio Armani, and Alexander McQueen, students will gain an understanding of how styles of the past have shaped the fashion of today. There will be a drawing and brief watercolor component to the course. Students of all skill levels are welcome.
Ministry Sketch Creation (beginner-advanced levels; ages 12 +) EC
Through innovative improvisation, this class will equip the student to take a specified scripture and/or biblical theme and create a sketch that will convey its message in a contemporary-relatable fashion.  This class will be fast paced and include actual performances of created pieces in GraceKids weekend services.

New Music Class

Leading Worship

This class is focused primarily on the art of leading worship and what it means to be a Worship Leader. In this class students will learn some worship leading fundamentals, and what it means to function on a team. Such as - stage presence/confidence, movements, energy and more! This is a great class for anyone who desires to learn more about being a Worship Leader.


Please keep in mind that a lot of classes have been added. Here's a list of what's changed...

**If you are a Synergy and Infusion dance company member, please refer to your student's schedule for what classes they need to take this coming semester. If you no longer have the schedule, please contact Ms Anna at 

**Before you sign your child up for higher level class, please contact the instructor of the class and Ms Anna so they can discuss the best path for your child to benefit them for their future.

**Dance company auditions!! If you're interested in auditioning for either dance company the auditions will be held the first week of classes. You will have to attend the required company technique classes to audition...
-Infusion audition: January 13th during "Infusion Co. Technique" 4-5pm
-Synergy audition: January 14th during all level 2/3 company technique classes. (Jazz, contemporary, hip hop, and ballet in that order) 4-8pm
Please dress accordingly and properly for each class. Bring lots of water and snacks!! The directors will evaluate the auditionee and will contact you shortly to direct you with the next steps to take.

If you have any questions contact Mr George and Ms Anna Jones via email


-Tuesday combo has been moved to Monday! 

-All performing ballet classes have been moved back to Monday's! 

-All performing hip hop classes have been moved back to Monday's! 

-Turns & Leaps is back! For level 2/3 and for for level 4 also on Monday's! Non performing class. Required for Synergy and highly recommended for Infusion 

-Company Acro has also been added on Monday's for level 2/3 and for level 4! Non performing class. Required for Synergy and highly recommended for Infusion

-Pointe conditioning is right after ballet 4 on Monday nights. If your child plans to take the performing pointe class on Tuesday, they must also take pointe conditioning to properly train themselves to perform without injury 

-Stretch and Strengthen is a new class on Monday's! It will teach you how to condition your body correctly so you can apply it to your dance training. It also will give you the knowledge on how to properly stretch your muscles without injury. It's a perfect class for ALL levels! 


-Ballet conditioning is a new class added on Tuesdays to help the technical dancer dive deeper into their technique and to strengthen themselves correctly. Non performing class.

-Pointe on Tuesdays is for the ones who wants to perform! In order to take this class, you must take pointe conditioning on Monday's so you can obtain the proper knowledge and strength to dance on pointe. Highly recommend taking ballet conditioning right before this class to warm up! 

-Contemporary is now offered for ALL levels!   Level 1/2 and level 3 are now offered on Tuesdays!!

-Jazz 1/2 has been moved to Tuesdays! Also important note, it's no longer a required class for Infusion 

-MOD hip hop is a new class on Tuesdays! It's a class where hip hop and contemporary-modern are mixed together to create a new infused style. Must be a level 2 dancer or have permission by instructor to enter the class. 


-Infusion technique is the new required class  for Infusion members(it has replaced Jazz 1/2. Infusion members are still required to take their appropriate level ballet class as well). The class focuses specifically on different techniques to improve each Infusion member! All infusion members must be enrolled in this class. 

-There is no more hip hop 1 on Wednesdays! All hip hop classes are on Monday's! 

-If you're a level 4, don't miss out on taking jazz 4 and contemporary 4 on Wednesdays!! 


-No new changes have been made for the Thursday schedule however, if you sign up for any company technique classes...please be aware that the company class time may be used for extra company rehearsal if the company needs it. You will be contacted prior to that happening and will be given an option for a make up class