We are launching our Pilot Ministering Arts/Internship Program this February 2013.  This Division of EAS is intended for individuals who have a passion for God, the arts, and Kingdom ministry.  This Pilot program is intended to assist us with developing a Ministering Arts/Internship Program that will  include instruction in varied art forms (dance, music, theatre, media, and tech) ; Leadership Development; Creative Programming and Production experience; as well as Spiritual Formation (including Faithworks Bible School curriculum).  The eventual purpose of this program is to prepare students technically, spiritually, and relationally for ministry.  The program will also include an optional mission trip to Brazil & Argentina.  The dates for this trip will take place sometime towards the end of July thru the first of August.

**Internship Application Download




What does the time commitment look like?

  1. The Program will run February 4th-June 29th; August 5th– Dec  22nd


  1. There is a Full Time or Part Time Option


    1. Full Time Weekly Schedule
      1. Classes/Rehearsals/Internship hours
        1. Tuesdays-Thursdays 9am-3:30pm
        2. Saturdays 2:00-5:00pm
      2. Serve hours  
        1. 2.5 hours Weekend Services (options on Sat/Sun)
        2. 2.5 hours TBD based on student’s schedule
    2. Part Time  Weekly Schedule
      1. Classes/Rehearsals/internship hours
        1. Dance:  Tuesdays and Thursdays   5:30-9:30
        2. Other Art forms have varying evening schedules based on skill levels and are created per individual
        3. Saturdays 2:00-5:00pm
      2. Serve hours
        1. 2.5 hours Weekend Services (options Sat/Sun)
        2. 2.5 hours TBD based on student’s schedule
    3. Apprentice Program 

1. Classes/Rehearsals/Internship hours

1. Tuesdays 5:30-9:30pm

2. Saturdays 2:00-5:00pm

2. Serve hours

1. 2.5 hours Weekend Services

2. 2.5 hours TBD based on student’s schedule


What will we be doing weekly?

  1. Arts Emphasis
    1. Technique Classes (Dance, Theatre, Music, Media, Tech)
    2. Spiritual Formation (Bible, Worship, Prayer)
    3. Rehearsals
    4. Leadership Development/Creative Programming
    5. Internship Serving – applying the above
  2. Leadership/Administrative Emphasis
    1. Technique (Strategic Planning, Project Management, Marketing, Public Relations)
    2. Spiritual Formation (Bible, Worship, Prayer)
    3. Planning Implementation
    4. Leadership Development/Teams
    5. Internship Serving-applying the above


How much does it cost?

  1. For this pilot program, the cost is only $350/session for full-time and $250 for part-time and $200 for the Apprentice Dance Program.  (5 months)
    1. This includes all registration and class supply fees


What is the mission trip to Brazil/Argentina?  How much does that cost?

  1. We will be taking a ‘scouting team’ to Brazil and Argentina.  This team’s purpose is to:
    1. Brazil:     This first trip is to pray, develop relationships, and support the ministries currently on the ground.  With the World Cup happening in Brazil (2014)and then the Olympics (2016), our hope is to return with a performing team during these events with a production that clearly demonstrates the good news of Jesus Christ.
    2. Argentina:  City of Grace currently supports an Arts School in Argentina.  This first trip is to support this ministry thru offering teacher development and ministry to their students and community.  Additionally, we will begin creative planning on how they might join us in performing in Brazil in 2014 and 2016.
  2. Cost:  Approximately $3500 per person (includes airfare, lodging, meals)
    1. We will do fundraising through the year to assist with costs.
  3. When:  The trip will be approximately 12 days in length and will take place sometime within the last two weeks of July to the first two weeks of August.   



How do I become a part of this pilot program?

  1. You must be 18 years old to apply
  2. You must submit an application by January 28th at noon.
    1. Applications can be downloaded HERE
    2. Applications may be:
      1. Mailed to EAS  655 E. University Dr  Mesa, Az  85203
      2. Dropped off at the City of Grace Receptionist Desk or the EAS Receptionist Desk (Bldg 4, top floor)
    3. You must include a $25 non-refundable deposit with your application
    4. The balance may be paid in one or two installments
      1. Pay in Full:  Feb 4th.
      2. Pay in two installments:  first half of remaining balance  due Feb 4; second half of remaining balance due April  1
  3. Details about the mission trip will be made known as soon as plans are solidified.


If you have additional questions, you may contact us at info@experienceartsschool.com or 480.464.3967.



**Internship Application Download