2016 Summer Performing Arts Camp Orientation:


What to wear daily?

  • For dance: Wear clothes you can move in (absolutely no jeans or zippers). Please bring tennis shoes for hip-hop class. If you have ballet or jazz shoes please bring those...if not, socks will be ok. Hair needs to be pulled away from face in a ponytail or bun.

  • For tech: Go comfy!

  • Theatre and Musicians: Wear whatever is comfortable and modest. You will be in musical theatre dance classes, so wear clothes you can move in freely.

  • Please be modest! Especially for the dancers, please wear leggings or biking shorts under regular shorts if necessary and no low-cut tops. An instructor will tell you if your dress is inappropriate and you will be asked to change.


  • Please arrive on time (that means 5-10 minutes early to get situated for devotion time!)

  • Please bring a parent or guardian upstairs to sign you in first thing in the morning and to release you in the afternoon at 4:00pm.

  • Please give your full attention and respect to the instructor. Absolutely no talking when instructor is speaking! Address them with “Mr” or “Miss” please.

  • You will be tired…you are with us for 7 hours daily and we have stuff planned to keep you moving and creating constantly. These 2 weeks present a marvelous opportunity to grow in perseverance. No complaining allowed! (Of course if u ever feel sick or nauseous, please let your instructor know!)

  • Respect each other and each other’s personal belongings.

  • No cell phones allowed out and about during class times. If a phone is being used in an unacceptable time, the instructor will take it away until the end of that camp day. 

  • If you need to leave class for any reason (restroom, tissue, water etc), please ask your instructor before leaving class.

  • No food, small snacks, or drinks allowed in the classrooms (water is acceptable). Please eat snacks in the hallway.


To Bring Daily: Please place all you need for the day in ONE bag, as we have a lot of students and 100s of little bags everywhere will be a disaster.

  • Lots of water! We will also be selling water at the reception desk if you need more. There is also a water fountain as well for further water needs.

  • Dancers: don’t forget to bring your dance shoes, socks, sneakers, and ponytail holders/bobby pins to keep your luscious locks in place!

  • Musicians: Bring any assigned music, etc (will be in your notebooks).

  • Actors and actresses: Bring your scripts etc. (will be in your notebooks).

  • Bring extra money daily for some yummy snacks and baked goods. Prices will vary, anywhere from $0.50-$2.00 for most items. You can also bring your own snacks to enjoy.

  • NEW THIS YEAR: You will need to pack a lunch every day for your child. Make sure it’s hardy enough for a long day of fun! Also, they will need lots of water and snacks for in-between classes. (We do have limited concessions for sale so you can also send them in with a few dollars)

  • Bring your camp notebook every day!

  • Bring your Bible (electronic Bibles are allowed but not preferred)

  • Pens and pencils


More details:

  • The lunch area is in the basement, 2 stories below the EAS floor. You may NOT leave for lunch by yourself. Wait till your whole class is ready, and your instructor will lead the class all TOGETHER to the lunch room AND BACK to the EAS floor when lunch is over.. Please leave your belongings upstairs during the lunch hour. Do NOT leave the lunch room for any reason unless you have permission from a leader.

  • You MAY have homework to complete before the next day’s class. It probably won’t be more than ½ hour of time.

  • Please take your notebook with you each afternoon and bring it back the next day. You may have lines you need to memorize, music you need to learn, and more. Don't forget to bring it back each morning! Very important!!

  • Come every day for devotion time ready to seek God, love others, and work really hard! These 2 weeks are a great opportunity for you to grow leaps and bounds in your art form! Please take advantage of every minute and put your whole effort into every class (Colossians 3:23).

  • Dancers: you will probably be sore for the 1st week or so of classes, due to the amount of hours dancing each day. Ways to help the soreness: (1) eat bananas, (2) take hot baths with Epsom salts, (3) and get plenty of sleep each night!



  • Please come upstairs to check your students in first thing in the morning and also to sign them out at 4:00pm each day.

  • The last day of camp is Thursday, June 23rd, with shows that evening at 6pm and 8pm (the same show both times). Invite family and friends now! This is a show they won't want to miss!! 

  • Schedule for the 23rd: Bring your student at 1pm, We will rehearse till 4pm, have dinner, and then get ready for our evening shows at 6pm and 8pm!

  • Please review all the above camp details and help your child remember what to bring/wear each day! Thanks so much!! :)