A Million Dreams Fundraiser - How to Start Your Grid Fundraiser

1. Decide grid size/prize category

The larger the grid, the larger the prize! See prizes HERE.


2. Pick/Personalize/Picture/Post


Go to reception desk and pick up an appropriate grid. (Or design your own!)


Put your name on your grid, and personalize it any way you would like!


Take a picture with your grid in front of our pallet wall on the EAS floor (suggested) or wherever you would like.

Post on Social Media (Facebook/Instagram...):

Take a look at our suggested verbiage (feel free to personalize and make it your own!):

I am a student at Experience Arts School (EAS) and I couldn’t be more excited about their vision to raise up a generation of skilled artists that will use their gifts to positively impact our community.  Established in 2004, and with an incredible track record of impacting literally thousands of lives, I am happy to partner with them in this new and exciting initiative that will not only launch them into our community, but our world… “A Million Dreams” is the name of the campaign. 

Please help me! It’s super easy…Choose a number (or several numbers you can add up) and that will reflect your donation amount. So, the number(s) you choose will be the amount you will donate to EAS. Example, if you pick your children’s ages: 1, 3, and 6…you will donate $10 to EAS (1+3+6=10). Tell me in the comments the number(s) you pick and go to eas.online/donate to make the donation online.

To know if the number has already been chosen, read my comments or look for my updated posts. Be creative and let’s have fun raising donations for this amazing organization that is breathing morals and new life into the arts industry!

Make sure you go to eas.online/donate and make your donation now. I truly appreciate your love and support!

*Tip: Make sure you mention what prize you are trying to win. Friends and family tend to be extra motivated when they know they can help you reach a personal goal as well!

3. Update grid as people donate

Every time someone “purchases” a square mark it on your grid and post an updated picture.

4. Fill out your log sheet to keep track of who "purchased" which squares.

You can find extra copies at the upstairs front desk or HERE.

5. Turn in log sheet and donations once grid is completed.

You can turn these in at the upstairs front desk. 


If you live far away or out of state, mail them in (no cash, please) to:

Experience Arts School

655 E. University Dr.

Mesa, AZ 85203

Click HERE to view our FAQ Page