A Million Dreams Fundraiser


  • What is a giving grid?

A giving grid is a calendar-like chart that has a dollar amount written in each square going from $1, $2, $3...up to a specific dollar amount (ranging from $50-$100). Donors “purchase” any number of squares and donate the total amount of all the squares chosen.


  • When is my giving grid due?

Your giving grid can be turned in any time before May 1st. However, the sooner you turn in a completed grid, the more raffle entries you will receive.


  • What forms of payment are accepted?

Donors can donate with cash, check or credit card.


  • How can a donor pay with credit card?

1. Send them to our online donation page:


2. Have them write your student’s name in the Notes Section.


  • Can a donor choose more than one square?

Definitely! They can pay the total amount of all squares chosen at one time.


  • What prizes can I win?

We have some amazing prizes, including gift cards to restaurants, Target, Walmart, a laptop, and even a trip for the grand prize winner! The larger the grid, the larger the prize! (Meaning: A filled out grid that goes up to $100 will result in a larger prize than a grid that goes up to $50)


  • What will the money I raise go towards?

All money raised will go towards scholarships and our new facility!


  • Is there a limit on how many grids I can turn in?

No! You will receive raffle entries for each grid you turn in!

Get more info on how to run your fundraiser HERE.