Most Frequently Asked Questions


1) I’m new.  Where do I start?

Welcome!  We’re so glad to have you become a part of the EAS family.  

First, decide what art form you’re interested in pursuing.  We have a document that breaks down the classes offered by age group and skill level.

Second, look at our schedule and see what day(s) fit your family’s schedule.

Third, if you have ANY questions, please contact us at and we will be happy to contact you and coach you along the way.

Fourth, register your student.

Fifth, contact friends and encourage them to take classes alongside you.  It’s always more fun to do these things with family and friends! Both new and old!


Note:  Depending on your goals, it is our recommendation that you register for at least two classes per week.  Truly learning any of the art forms requires repetition. The more classes you take, the faster your student will grow and the more fun they will have!


2) Where are you located?

For the past 25 years, we have been located on what is now the Hillsong Phoenix, Mesa Campus (655 E. University Dr).  However, we are moving out into the community and we couldn’t be more excited. The locations we are deciding between are right at the 60/Alma School.  You can plan to attend classes within a one mile radius of that area. A final decision on which location will be made by the end of June, if not sooner.


3) When do classes begin?  How long do classes run?

Classes begin the week of August 6th and run through December 15th; they resume January 7th and run through June 1st.  The year-end production(s) will be the first week of June.


4)  What is a registration fee?  How much is it?

There is a registration fee charged once a year per student.  This fee covers administrative set-up fees, while also providing your student with an EAS T-shirt.  The annual registration fee is $35.


5) Do you offer any discounts on your tuition rates?

Yes, we do.  Our rates are based on annual registration.  If you pay in two installments, or in one payment, discounts of up to 20% are available.  See our tuition schedule and early bird registration dates for details.


6) If I’m registering more than one child, is there a discount available?

Yes!  You will receive 10% off tuition for your second child and 5% off tuition for every child after.


7)   If I register, then cannot fulfill our commitment, can I get my money back?

If you withdraw your registration prior to classes starting, you will receive a full refund less your registration fee.  If you withdraw within the first month of classes, you will receive a full refund less 25%. If you withdraw within the first two months of classes you will receive a full-refund less 50%. If you withdraw after the first two months of classes, there is no refund and you are responsible for the remainder of the school year’s tuition.


8)  Do I have to register for the whole year?

Our classes are created to train our artists through technique and performance. With this in mind,  it is our strong recommendation that you register for the entire year! The first half of our school year concentrates primarily on technique.  The second half of our year, we introduce performance. Learning technique AND applying that technique in a performance setting makes for a more well rounded artist while offering them invaluable experience.  

That said, you may register for one semester (half year).  Note: there is no performance opportunity offered for classes (other than Company, Musical Theatre & Theatre Production classes) in the Fall semester.   

IF you opt to register for anything less than a semester, drop-in (higher) rates are applicable.


9)  Is there a year-end show?  How much will I be required to spend on costumes?   

Yes, we will do ONE year-end show for ALL EAS students.  It will take place the first week of June. (There is NO show in December, except for Musical Theatre class, Theatre Production class, and our Performing Companies).  Because offering experience in performance is a part of our training program, costumes are required for every class, with the exception of those technique classes that specify otherwise.

Costumes range from $50-$95. You will be required to pay $10/month for each performing class’s costume, beginning your first month of classes.  Once costumes have been selected, and costs solidified, you will be notified. Notification should happen not later than the end of January. Final balances for costumes will be due the third week of February.


10)  What is a Lab Fee?

Lab Fees are charged for our Art, Sewing, Make-up, Video, Graphics, Sound/Recording and Lighting Classes.  This covers general classroom resources, use of specialty equipment, and open studio time for students to come in and work on their projects. (This does not include student’s personal supplies)  The cost for this is $150 annually. This does not include items students will need to purchase for their own personal ‘class kits.’ (For example: Personal supplies for art might include: Their own Drawing Pencils, Drawing Pad, Paint brushes etc.  Students will receive a supply list once they register for their class)


11)  What is a “Performing Company?”

Our Companies are a GREAT place for your student to develop life-long friendships, draw closer to God, and experience using their gifts to affect positive change in our community.  In fact, our EAS Companies are the heartbeat of EAS and are a part of our discipleship program. Students participating in this intensive course of study will be trained technically in their art form; challenged relationally as they learn to work as a team; and ignited spiritually as they learn to use their art for Kingdom purposes.    

In the past, our Companies have performed at community, sporting, & church events, as well as local schools, the State Fair, Parades, Disneyland… and our Company Shows.  

In order to be in one of our Dance, Theatre, or Music Companies, you must be registered for our unlimited pkg.  (exception: Aerial company - see Company Pkgs for details) Companies meet EVERY Saturday for devotions and rehearsals. (See Company Packets for details)

Audition/Assessments for all Companies will be held during Master Monday the first week of classes.  Aerial Company will be assessed during Aerial II or Aerial III classes. To ensure your place, contact us at

After this initial audition/assessment, you must contact the school office to arrange for late acceptance into the program.


12)  What is a Company Show?

Our Companies will have their own show in December and in May.  Unlike our year-end production, that includes all EAS students, these shows feature our company members, special student works, and are a celebration of their growth as a Company.  The Company Shows will take place the third week of December and the third week of May. (Extended rehearsals the 2-3 weeks prior to shows can be expected). Company Members do NOT perform in the Musical Theatre or Theatre productions unless they request to do so.


13)  Do EAS Companies compete?

Yes, if they would like to compete they will be given the opportunity to do so.  This option is an ‘add-on’ and an additional cost. If you are interested in this option, you must be approved by the Company Director.  For more details, and to register for the Competition add-on, please contact us at for a consultation.


14)  What is a Pre-Company Package?

This is an introduction, first step, for students interested in our Company Program, but not yet able to make the full commitment required to be a Company Member.  It offers a less intensive class schedule and only meets once a month with the Company members on Saturday. This is great first step for any student contemplating a more serious commitment, and desiring to audition for one of our Companies in the future.


15)  I understand the Musical Theatre Production and the Theatre Production classes have performances in December and May?

Yes.  Both our Musical Theatre Production and Theatre Production classes will perform shows in December (the second week of December) and in May (the first week of May). EACH MT Production & Theatre Production class will be producing a 45-60 minute show at the end of both semesters.  Shows will be selected from classics, Disney, Broadway, and original works. (Expect additional Friday/Saturday rehearsals the last 2-3 weeks prior to show.)  

IF registered for Musical Theatre Production, you are required to register for MT Dance and MT Vocals.  Registering for Improv is also highly recommended, but not required.

IF registered for Theatre Production, you are required to register for the age appropriate Improv class.

These are the only classes that will have a Costume & Production Fee for BOTH semesters.  These fees cover costumes (other than undergarments/shoes), stage make-up (other than personal items such as mascara), and other necessary items to produce the show.  The production fee includes a show T-shirt for each cast member.

If you would like to enjoy a MT class, but not perform in a full production, we recommend your registering for MT Dance or MT Vocals.  Both of these classes will include vocals and choreography, with the strongest emphasis being on vocals or dance, depending on class selected.


16)  Will the class schedule change?

As it is at any college or studio, classes only continue if there are enough students to warrant it doing so.  For EAS, we require 7 students to be registered in a class for it to continue. We typically will keep a class open for registration through the first month of classes.  If it does not meet the required number of students by that time, it will be cancelled. If this happens, you will receive a full refund of your tuition or we will find another class for your student to attend.  You can help us ensure every class stays open by inviting family and friends to register their students alongside yours! THANK YOU!


17)  Who will be teaching the classes?

We have a fabulous team of qualified teachers!  Most of them hold degrees in their area of expertise or bring a history of professional experience.  Each of our teachers have been background checked and are committed to creating a loving environment that will challenge our students technically, relationally, and spiritually.    Teachers are assigned to classes based on their skill level and availability. If in looking through the schedule, a teacher has not yet been assigned to a class you are looking at, you can expect that assignment to be in place before classes begin. For questions, please contact us at


18)  Is there a price-break if you want to take classes in Tier 1 AND Teir 2?

Yes!   We have a Pre-Professional Pkg that allows you to take as many classes in Tier 1 & 2 as you would like.  See our EAS Pkgs page on the website. This is the best deal.


19)  What is C.A.M.P?

Community Arts Mentorship Program is an after-school program for struggling youth.  This program is designed to expose students to the world of the arts, while giving them an outlet to express themselves, strengthen their identity,  and find healthy community. This program will initiate mid-fall and fully mobilize in Spring 2019.


20)  Do you offer classes for Young Adults?

We currently do not have classes specifically for young adults; however, student 19 and older are welcome to join one of our Teen or Level III/IV classes.


21)  What does it mean when a Ballet class has “+ Pointe” listed beside it?

This means students on Pointe, for 1 year or more, may take these classes on Pointe.  In fact, we encourage our Pointe students to take as many Ballet classes (Level II, as it moves at a slower pace, and above) on Pointe as they can per week as they master this advanced technique.   If you select a class that does not have

‘+ Pointe’ notated, permission may be granted to take another class on Pointe by contacting us at info@experienceartsschool.  

Drop-in (higher) rates are applicable.  Please contact us at for details.