Thank you so much for your donation!

For 14 years, Experience Arts School has endeavored to not only train and equip artists in art forms such as Dance, Theatre, Music, Fine Arts, Aerials, and Production, but has also worked to invest in our student’s spiritual and inter-relational growth. Realizing everyone who walks through our doors has value, and the potential to impact the life of another, our commitment continues to be that of seeing each student realize their full potential as Kingdom Artists while using their gifts to love their community to life!

This past year was a year of celebration and transition, with our largest attendance and greatest number of students in our Mentorship Program. Our multiple companies performed in the community, churches, youth and children’s events, conferences, and even at Disneyland! The testimonies of life-change, both of our students AND our audience members, has been overwhelming! Your financial contributions help us make these things happen, while ensuring the EAS vision continues to become a reality. We couldn’t do what we’re doing without you! Thank you, Thank you for your support and partnership!

In Fall 2018 we will be transitioning into a new facility in our community. We couldn’t be more excited about this opportunity to more fully engaged with our community and the greater Church! We will be engaging in several big events in the next few months as we endeavor to raise funds for this next step in our destiny. Thank you for helping us realize this dream through your generous support. Together we are Stronger!

In His Service,

Joani Castillo

Founder and Director


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