Performing Company Packages/Requirements

We train our company members through quality technique classes and production opportunities.  We equip them with pre-professional company programs that focus on spiritual formation, team building, and using their artistic gifts to serve others.  We commission them through performances for the Church and community, both locally and globally. Our Companies perform at the State Fair, parades, sporting events, church & corporate events, Disneyland, etc.


Dance/Theatre/Music Performing Company Packages  

$280/mo (must be registered for unlimited package)

$150 Annual Company Fee

$200 Annual Company Uniform Fee  (1 bottom, 2 tops, 1 jacket, 1 pair of shoes)

$200-$350  Costumes range from $50-$95 each  (covers from 4-8 costumes)

Company Trips

Sr. Co Spring Tour/Trip (California) $550
(9/7- $200 due; 11/7 - $200 due; 1/7- $150 due)
Trip to Beach/Disneyland/minister at venue in CA

Jr. Co Spring Excursion $250
($125 due 9/7; $125 due 1/7)
Staycation/local outreach


*Annual Registration ($35), Production Fee ($50) not included


Dance Company Required Classes:

Synergy (ages 13+) : Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Tap, Conditioning/Core*, Leaps & Turns*, Master Mondays*, Devos/Rehearsals on Saturdays

( * = Non-performance classes)


Allergro (ages 13+) :  Ballet x 3, Pointe x 2, Conditioning/Core*, Contemporary, Master Mondays*, Devos/Rehearsals on Saturday

( * = Non-performance classes)


Infusion (ages 9-12) : Ballet, Hip Hop, Tap, Modern, Leaps & Turns*, Master Mondays*, Devos/Rehearsals on Saturday

( * = Non-performance classes)


Optional Competition Dance Company Add-on $50/mo

Rehearsals Sat Mornings 2 x month ( scheduled with Dance Company Director)

Includes: choreography, rehearsals, costume, entry fees for 2 group pieces and 1 trio, duet, or solo

Trophies won at competitions are property of EAS and displayed in the school lobby.  All medals awarded are given to students to take home.


Theatre Company Required Classes:

N2Acts (ages 13+) : Master Monday*, Teen Improv, Musical Theatre and/or Theatre Production, Teen Musical Theatre Vocals, Teen Musical Theatre Dance, Devos/Rehearsals on Saturday

( * = Non-performance classes)


Act Up (ages 9-12) : Master Mondays*, Kids Musical Theatre and/or Theatre Production, Kids Musical Theatre Dance, Kids Improv, Devos/Rehearsals on Saturday

( * = Non-performance classes)



Music Company Required Classes

Forte (ages 13+) :  Music Technique*, Acapella, Teen Vocals, Master Monday*, Teen Musical Theatre Dance, Devos/Rehearsals on Saturday

( * = Non-performance classes)


Mezzo (ages 9-12) : Kids Vocals, Master Monday*, Kids Musical Theatre vocals; Kids Musical Theatre Dance, Kids Musical Theatre, Devos/Rehearsals on Saturday

( * = Non-performance classes)



Aerial Company Required Classes  (ages 11+) $350/mo*

Ascend (ages 11+) : 2 level appropriate classes, Aerial Conditioning*, Open Gym*, Ballet, Devos/Rehearsals on Saturday

( * = Non-performance classes)