As we prepare to launch EAS into the community, we are diligently working to position ourselves to step in to the full-vision God placed on our hearts so many years ago.  A Christian 'Julliard Style' Ministry School committed to quality programming and training technically, spiritually and relationally!   

This Fall has been a season of preparation; not only for Staff and Team, but for our Students.  And this Spring we will be taking our next steps towards our goal of creating pre-professional level performing teams.

In order to accomplish this goal, we are encouraging anyone who would like to become a part of our Company Programs in the Spring, to register for our Unlimited Packages and begin their training now!  Below you will find a list of recommended classes.  In addition to training technically, we are equally committed to challenging ourselves spiritually and relationally.  We will do this by holding a Worship Rally and an Event Rally every month.  Our Worship Rally will include a time of Worship, Teaching, Spotlights (featuring a professional artist), food and hangouts.  Our Event Rally will include rehearsals with local Professional Artists.

ANYONE, ages 8-19 is invited to attend these Rallies. Spring dates for these events, and our auditions, will be posted shortly.

In the interim, we encourage you to begin praying about your involvement; register for as many of the below recommended classes that works in your family's budget/schedule; and plan to attend our upcoming Rallys.

Recommended Classes by Company ArtForm

Dance:  Ballet, Modern (ages 8-12) or Contemporary (ages 13+), Hip Hop, Conditioning, Leaps & Turns, Acro, Tap, Cinderella, the Musical

Music:  Kids Vocals (ages 8-12) or Teen Vocals (ages 13+), Vocal/Sight Reading, Conditioning, Cinderella, the Musical  Dance.  Those 13+ should additionally register for: Acapella and Vocal Solos

Theatre:  Acting I/II (ages 8-12) Teen/Adult Acting  (13+), Kids Improv (ages 8-12) Teen Improv (ages 13+), Cinderella, the Musical, Conditioning, Ballet and/or Tap

Aerials:  Two level appropriate aerial classes, Two level appropriate Ballet Classes, Conditioning, Open Gym

We couldn't be more excited about our future AND your part in it! 

Should you have any specific questions, please feel free to contact us at  


Joani Castillo

EAS Founder/Artistic Director




Performing Companies

We train our company members through quality technique classes and production opportunities.  We equip them with pre-professional company programs that focus on spiritual formation, team building, and using their artistic gifts to serve others.  We commission them through performances for the Church and community, both locally and globally. Our Companies perform at the State Fair, parades, sporting events, church & corporate events, Disneyland, etc.


Dance/Theatre/Music Performing Company Packages in 2019 will require

$280/mo (must be registered for unlimited package)

$150 Annual Company Fee

$200 Annual Company Uniform Fee  (1 bottom, 2 tops, 1 jacket, 1 pair of shoes)

$200-$350  Costumes range from $50-$95 each  (covers from 4-8 costumes)


And possibly include


Company Trips

Sr. Co Spring Tour/Trip (California) $550
Trip to Beach/Disneyland/minister at venue in CA

Jr. Co Spring Excursion $250
Staycation/local outreach


*Annual Registration ($35), Production Fee ($50) not included