Class Packages

Tots Arts Package (ages 3-5)   


Pick any 2 (1 hr classes) from our 3-5yr old class offerings


Intro Arts Package (ages 5-7)


Pick any 3 (1 hr classes) from our 5-7yr old class offerings


Triple Threat/Theatre Package (ages 7+)


Musical Theatre (2hrs), Musical Theatre Vocal, and Musical Theatre Dance


Theatre Production (2hrs), Improv, Musical Theatre Dance or Vocals 


Exploring the Arts Package (ages 9+)  


ANY 5 hours of classes from age/level appropriate classes (Tier 1 AND/OR Tier 2)


Pre-Professional Aerial Package (ages 11+)  


2 Level Appropriate Aerial Classes, 1 Aerial Conditioning, 1 Open Gym, and 1 Ballet Class


Pre-Professional Arts Pkg (ages 9+)


Unlimited package for ALL EAS classes (Tier 1 & Tier 2)


Pre-Company Apprentice Pkgs (ages 7+)


$75 Annual Fee

$75 Apprentice Uniform (bottom and top)

$150  Costumes range from $50-$95 each  (covers from 3 costumes)

Register for:

Theatre:  (ages 7-12):  Kids Theatre (2hrs), Kids Improv; (ages 13+):  Teen Theatre (2hrs), Teen Improv  

You can opt for Musical Theatre, but student is then required to also take MT Vocals and MT Dance and there is an additional cost of $44/month)      

Music:  (ages 7-12)  Kids Vocals, Kids MT vocals, Kids MT Dance; (ages 13+):  Teen Vocals, Music Technique, Acapella

Dance:  (ages 7-12):  Ballet, Tap, Modern or Hip Hop; (ages 13+)  Ballet, Tap, Contemporary



Aerials:  (ages 10+):  Ballet, Aerial Conditioning, Level Appropriate Aerial Class


Meet with Company 3rd Saturdays of the month for devos & rehearsals



See Our Company Info Page for Performing Company and Pre-Company Pkgs.