Experience Arts School – Recreational Division

Community Arts Mentorship Programs (C.A.M.P.)

Experience Arts School was founded in July of 2004, by President/Artistic Director Joani Castillo, who dreamed of creating a place, a school, which would embrace Christian values and provide high-quality artistic training. This school environment would cultivate and encourage self-discipline that would allow each student to realize their potential not only as artists but as instruments of change commissioned to effect positive transformation in our culture. 
Though art, in its diversity of forms, is a powerful vehicle for self-expression and an influential medium in our society, many art programs are being cut out of public funding in schools and communities leaving young artists with no direction, outlet, or accountability. It is with this in mind that Community Arts Mentorship Programs (C.A.M.P.) was developed. The goal of this program is to:
*Create a fun and nurturing environment that will provide a safe and uniquely artistic alternative for self-expression
*Instill a desire within each participant to exercise self-discipline as they pursue quality and integrity in their art form
*Encourage positive relationships with fellow artists that will offer a strong accountability support system
*Develop values and character traits that will strengthen their moral fiber and thus be reflected in their artistic expressions
*Ignite a passion within each of our students to use these newly honed gifts to positively impact their community. 
Currently, Experience Arts School offers three divisions for participant involvement including Recreational, Overture, and Ministering Arts. C.A.M.P., a new subdivision of our Recreational Division, will be open to the general public and offer non-sectarian activities/programs. Classes offered in this program may include:
DANCE- Ballet, Pointe, Hip Hop, Jazz, Modern, Tap, and KRUMP
Fine Arts- Art Development, Ceramics, Drawing, Cartooning, Painting 
Media Arts- Computer Graphics, Sound, Video Production, Web Design 
Music- Instrumental and Vocal 
Theatre- Acting, Directing, Mime, Technical Theatre (Lighting, Sound, Set, Theatrical Design, Costuming, Theatrical Make-Up)
Classes will be offered during weekday afternoons, evenings, and on Saturdays to fit the needs of our student and working population. Right now, we have three sessions per year that include a Fall, Spring, and Summer. Each session culminates in an event, presented by the students, showcasing their newly honed skills. These events are free of charge and are open to the public and to our students’ families. 
Experience Arts School’s Recreational Division has had up to 300 students, a large percentage of those under the age of 18, during any one semester. Though located in downtown Mesa, the Recreational Division attracts student artists from all over Maricopa County. In fact, the need for a quality arts program that embraces Christian Values has been evidenced by the widespread response from not only the general public, but local schools, agencies and businesses, many looking for quality artists with strong values and morals that will work as future interns and eventual employees in their organizations.
Because our programs are in high demand, we have a growing need for more funding for our scholarship program. In any semester, we may have up to 15% of our Recreational Division students on full or partial scholarships. However, this percentage is considerably short, as we continue to receive numerous calls from individuals, as well as local schools and agencies asking for additional scholarships. 
Recognizing this need, from both the artist and the community, our Board of Directors is dedicated to keeping tuition prices and fees minimal and certainly much lower than other programs offered in the area. Additionally, a Financial Aid Program is being developed that will award scholarships on the basis of merit and need combined in an effort to ensure no aspiring artist is left behind. Though, as a non-profit organization, all monies collected are returned directly to the program to buy necessary equipment for each art form, support student scholarships, and pay highly qualified instructors and administrators, we rely heavily on donations to meet our goals. 
With the support of patrons, our community and concerned agencies, Experience Arts School hopes to continue to impact the lives of many more young artists that will ultimately effect positive change in our society. 

Experience Arts School – Recreational DivisionCommunity Arts Mentorship Programs (C.A.M.P.)