Human Videos- RL and SA
A human video is a form of theater combining music, dance, drama, and pantomime. A human video consists of a song or medley played over loudspeakers while actors use rhythmic physical movement to communicate emotions to a given audience. It presents a story that illuminates a particular artistic intent through spatial relationships, meaningful gestures, and artistic movement.

Music Videos RL and JB
Songwriting, media, and acting directors join together to offer a class that takes popular songs of our time, transforms the lyrics in an inspirational and fun way, and creates a music video with dance, singing, and acting. Students will have a unique opportunity to record their voice in a professional studio, and create a masterpiece that can be saved for all time! Don't have time in your schedule to be at our Monday classes? Register for our 2nd quarter when students will be cast in the video, have an opportunity to be on a film set, and showcase their performance skills!